Originals Collection

About Ines's Originals for Sale

Ines uses over six months, 2000 hours of work and dedication on building layer by layer each painting refining them till perfection.
Ines designs each painting, from its beginning, having a clear vision of its composition of colors and forms, having a clear vision of how the painting will look when finished.

Over many years, Ines has been studying the deep meaning of colors, and how they make us feel their specific combinations and vibrations. That’s why colors in Ines’ paintings are not just randomly placed but are the result of a profound understanding of their vibration and resonance.

She puts special attention in depicting the expression of the faces and the inner states of the characters in her paintings, allowing the observer, in a mysterious way, to feel those feelings in his/her being.

Each painting has a meaningful intent hidden between its brushstrokes. Let yourself, for a few moments, to contemplate her paintings and discover behind each creation a profound message.

Her spiritual practice serves her as a tool to silence the mind, to create the proper conditions to perform Art, allowing a deep state of peace and artistic ecstasy to take place. She allows in this way higher aspirations and spiritual inspirations to manifest on the canvas. She brings alive her most valuable inspirations, allowing herself to become a channel of manifesting her artistic visions.

• These originals are for you, who wish to bring an exquisite piece of art into your home or office.
• The originals by Ines Honfi carry month of artistic work and daily hours of disciplined spiritual practice.
• Ines, normally works in several paintings at the time, letting them unfold graciously and organically until the wished vision is created at its perfection.
• Each of Ines’ paintings is the result of several months of work and spiritual practice.
• Become a collector of Ines Honfi’s artwork
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