Welcome to Eden Art

Visionary Collection Of Sensuous Romantic Art. Get transported into a paradisiacal universe where exquisite beauty and intoxicated love merges with elevated passions and sublime Eros, leading to sacredness and spiritual realization.


Like impressionist capture reality better than it is , Your .... Eden art is better than the real thing ...

Robert J.L.

I want to thank you for the wonderful recognition you have given us to be able to see and feel all your sensitivity and your talent in this divine and sacred work that you do. That's wonderful. May you continue to show the world all the beauty that dwells in your heart with your art. Gratitude

Weber L. de A.

I totally relate to your beautiful mystical and romantic art style! To feel deeply embraced by the divine is the highest and you refect that beautifully by the expressions of your art. Thank you for giving us the gift of your work. It is a treasure, one of a kind. Unique.

Karen G.

I so love my prints on my walls 😍 thank you for sharing you gifts with the world

Freya K. H.

Ines du er så dygtig til at udtrykke den feminine energi i dine malerier og vildt dygtig til at male den stil

Tore A. N.

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