About Ines


Eden Art by Ines Honfi
Visionary sensuous Art
Sublime Eros-Love-Beauty

Eden Art by Ines Honfi displays a large COLLECTION OF intimate romantic paintings.

Sensuality and sublime Eros are exhibited together with sophisticated style and elegance.
Her harmonious colorful artwork transports us into a paradisiacal universe where exquisite beauty and intoxicated love merge with elevated passions, leading to spiritual realization and sacredness.

Ines dares to take Erotic Art to another level

Ines was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
She currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Ines has more than 20 years of practice as an Artist and Art teacher. In 2002 she started to practice Yoga, Tantra, and Meditation. Through these millenarian traditions, she discovered a new perspective to look upon life and Art which was reflected in her paintings. She combines her knowledge of Art and Tantra to transmit her most refined archetypal visions.
A Certified Tantra teacher of Atman - International Federation of Yoga and Meditation 2017
A Certified Yoga teacher of Atman - International Federation of Yoga and Meditation 2008
A Certificated Art teacher and Visual artist – Art Academy Regina Pacsis. Buenos Aires, Argentina 1993

Ines Honfi
Stands for beauty, harmony, love elevated sensuality, sublime Eros and all divine principles.

Ines Honfi is a visionary artist who aims to show what the physical eyes don’t see. Through a deep state of transfiguration and connection, she aims to depict what the sight cannot capture but our soul feels and experiences. Her artwork aims to transcend the physical sphere and to produce a larger vision of awareness which includes the esoteric, spiritual and mystical aspects.

One of the main purposes of her artwork is to transmit a profound message of elevation, communion, and love.

She uses various forms and methods of Tantra Yoga and Meditation to support her creative act.

Her daily routine includes long meditations, tantra yoga, and hatha yoga exercises. These spiritual practices create a deep state of introspection and centering, leading her into a state of awakening and connection with higher inspirations and creativity. A big part of her artistic process is spent in the “preparation time” where she practices her daily sadhana (spiritual routine).

While painting she enters different states of consciousness of erotic ecstasy, deep states of love and communion. Her creative act is always accompanied by a background state of amazement and deep admiration for beauty and perfection, enjoying deeply the ecstatic moment of creation.

Ines envisions specific states, which afterward are depicted in her paintings.
Having studied in profoundness the meaning of colors, she combines forms and states together with the right tonalities to express her wished massage.
Being aware of the processes of resonance her artwork may offer, to the one who contemplates it in a state of openness and centering certain specific states of spiritual awakening.

You may find in the background of her paintings the understanding of divine laws and principles, such as the principle of polarity, love, harmony, beauty, proportion, ecstasy, refinement, optimism, elevation, etc.

Ines admires the power of the feminine nature and the ecstatic romantic union which exists between men and women, often depicting them in a profound act of love and ecstatic ascendant fusion.
She is amazed by God’s creation, being in love with nature, all organic forms, colors and the manifestation in itself.

Normally she works in several paintings at the time, letting them unfold graciously and organically till the wished vision is created at its perfection.
Each of Ines’ paintings is the result of several months of work and spiritual practice.