Love is my muse

My deeply romantic soul blindly believes in love, overwhelmed by passion and aspiration to discover myself, to dissolved and melt into love.

Love is the enigmatic engine and force of life. 

Love is one of the most mysterious energies of the universe. 

If we aspire for it, it will always surprise us with its marvelous splendor.

Once a wise woman told me “my heart doesn’t have wrinkles”, I still have so much love in my heart to give.” Love is offering us eternal youth and happiness of being alive. Love doesn’t have age and its nature is infinite and universal. Through love we become immortal.

Our manifested world is an act of love, a gift of love from God.

If we are attentive to observe and contemplate nature, we might discover that each plant, each flower, each sunset and sunrise, the sky and the snow, the rivers and mountains, the butterflies and birds, the entire animals life, all human beings, men, women, babies and children,  all planets and galaxies are made and sustained by love. All nature is made by the infinite love of the Creator, and is given to us to enjoy it and to be inspired by it, to tune into this gigantic universal force which is paranormal and Godly.

Over the years I have had the privilege to love and to be loved. Through love I had the opportunity to learn the most beautiful and also sometimes challenging and difficult lessons in life. 

Love is a universal energy and can be manifested in different ways. There are many types of love, for example: romantic love, maternal love, altruistic love, heroic love, compassionate love, mature love…etc.

 Though love we discover the freedom of our hearts and if we deepen this state we are able to discover God in us.

Though love we are able to forgive and understand that all life situations are coming to us for a reason. The energy of love helps us to learn something new that our soul needs to understand.

By embracing it we have the chance to realize that things that we though are impossible can become possible.

Though love we awaken our enthusiasm and aspiration to transform and let go of blockages and inhibitions.

Though love we are able to open up and to be vulnerable, we learn to laugh about our mistakes and why not, time to time to make fool of ourselves by not knowing something, but still trying….

Through love we understand that we need to be patience with ourselves and others, that the process of learning sometimes takes longer than what we though it does.

Through love we are able to empathically perceive the states and needs of all beings. 

We are also understanding that each of us has different lessons in life and in this way we learn compassion and we let go of judging the limitations of others.

But the most beautiful aspect of love is that we can always, by embracing it, elevate ourselves. We learn to let go of our egoistic tendencies and open our hearts to receive this gift of love which comes from God.

I may say that one of my favorite states and occupations is to be in love with love, to fly in ecstatic and overwhelming love, to explore with ardent aspiration and passion this magic and mysterious energy.

One of my highest aspirations is to reflect this in my paintings and to transmit this state, the best I can to all who are interested and open to receive it.

My art work reflects all moments of romantic, passionate love, contemplative love, tender love, adolescent love, transcendent love that I experienced in my life….and I full of hopes believe that are many more moments to come. 

Divine couple’s series aims to reflect an archetypal way of loving which is all giving, intense, passionate, enthusiastic, fulfilling and sublime. 

The love which I aim to depicted in my paintings is turning towards the divine, absolutely grateful for making possible the miracle of love available for all human beings who aspire to connect to it.

Each brush stroke that I place on the canvas is an act of love. While painting I enter in a sort of artistic trance that I may call a love making in itself. 

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