Introduction into Colours

For a few moments look and observe the colors that are around you.

Look at them if would be the first time that you see them. See their energy and power.
Now try to imagine the world without them, how would that world look?

In my opinion: quite depressive and sad…

We are all the time surrounded by many colors. Sometimes because we are so used to them, we don’t realize the important role that they play in our life. They constantly influence us with their energy.
Colors have the capacity to vibrate and to transmit a certain resonance-energy. Colors can change our mood and personality in a positive or negative way.

By knowing how to use them we can always take from them exactly the needed energy.

Colors exist in our environment, in our homes, in nature or in the city, but also exist very much in us, in our aura.

Our aura is a description in colors of our personality, our way of thinking and feeling.
Analogically speaking we can say that our aura is like a big painting and we are the ones able to choose which colors to put in it. These colors are conditioning our way of thinking, feeling and interacting with the others.

The colors of our aura are in a constant transformation. If we have a positive emotion or think in something elevated the colors of our aura will change. They will also transform if we start to think in something negative which is making us suffer, become angry or sad.

As positive and uplifting are our thoughts and feelings as brighter and beautiful colors will our aura contain.

As negative, depressed, sad, angry we are as dark and “dirty” opaque and ugly colors will appear in it.

If we listen a piece of classical music or music for meditation our colors will be light and shining. If we listen for example to heavy metal the colors of our aura will become dark red, grey and black.
Some colors are helping us to awaken the feelings of deep love, some they help us to awaken our passion, to be more intelligent, to be calm and relax..and more.

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