How to access the endless Source of Inspiration

The key to unlocking genius like ideas and how to become perfect channels of divine inspirations.

Without it, we feel like nothing but when we have it, we feel invincible.

Inspiration is a hot topic between artist and creative people. without it, there is no creativity or there is no artist.

How to access INSPIRATION?

The answer to this question is something that actually is not really taught in the Art Academies…

Many believe that sometimes happens and sometimes doesn’t, basically that we are at the mercy of being lucky or not….

Now a day, people try to cover the lack of inspiration replacing it with “original ideas” which sometimes can be even atrocious, and have the only function of shocking us.

We often can see these “original ideas”, which are not following any canon of beauty and harmony, when materialized in a graphic or pictorial form, nicely displayed in contemporary Art museums under the category of “Art”.

If we would live in the 18th-19th century this subject would not be so relevant.

But we live in a more agitated-confused era than 100-200 years ago and this, unfortunately, is affecting our capacity to be inspired.

What is an inspiration?

Why is not there all the time?


How to access it?

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines Inspiration as:

a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation

It comes from the Latin inspiratus (“to breathe into, inspire”) and in English has had the meaning “the drawing of air into the lungs” since the middle of the 16th century.

However, back to the early 14th century, before inspiration was used to refer to breath, it had a distinctly spiritual meaning, referring to a divine influence upon a person, from a divine entity.

In the Cambridge dictionary, it is said that inspiration is a sudden good idea

In Collins dictionary: Inspiration is a feeling of enthusiasm you get from someone or something, which gives you new and creative ideas.

Is a stimulation or arousal of the mind, feelings, etc, to special or unusual activity or creativity.

Many artists and creative people have a hard time to find inspiration and try to connect to it and but even if it’s found, it is lost soon after….

The mastery of the mind plays a fundamental role in order to learn to connect with the endless source of inspiration.

To unlock inspiration is deeply connected with our capacity to pierce the mind and get out from the labyrinth of the thinking machine.

We can say that we live in an era where our minds are dominating our lives and that our mind has a life of its own.

Our task is to create that favorable moment of openness to receive in us the endless infinite inspirations. For that, first of all, we need to realize that inspiration is not coming from us, but is something that we can connect to, that we can attract into our beings. This is deeply related to our capacity to open up.

We could say that inspiration is always there…but we don’t know how to connect to it, how to attract it in our beings.

It exists and endless source of inspiration which is infinite and contains all spectrum of knowledge.

It can happen that we don’t have direct access because analogically speaking, we have “thick clouds” above us which doesn’t allow us to feel, see and be connect to this endless source.

Every time we wish to get inspired we somehow hit a wall and we get deviated from being able to rich this endless source of inspiration.

Because we constantly hit this wall, we try to find inspiration in the little area around our head which is quite limited and soon we consume all its possibilities.

Some people stop to search, believing that inspiration is to be found, there, in the head area and try to find it by reasoning.

Through this mental investigation, this person enters in a labyrinth-like situation, over thinking, over trying to get a little spark of inspiration.

Sometimes can happen, that by the grace of the universe a tiny drop of inspiration is falling on us and that drop can be life-changing.


Many artists stick to that drop forever and still don’t find the source from where that drop came from using that little drop till nothing is left. Because they don’t receive a new drop, they start to imitate or copy themselves.

This is the case of many writers who wrote a genius book and then all the following creations of that writer are a copy of that first glorious inspiration.

Or we see it also very clearly in pop stars ….one amazing song, catchy and nice and after that is the BIG nothing.

Or painters who made a glorious painting and the rest of their life just copy themselves. They stop the search or they don’t know where to search for more inspired genius ideas.

But, how to be constantly connected or showered by inspiration?

First of all, we need to understand that inspiration doesn’t come from us, as individuals. Is not born in our heads, the source is not the mind but in the universe.

Our task as artists or creative persons is to remove the clouds which don’t allow us to receive this endless shower of inspiration.

Here is very important to understand how our mind works.

We can say that we have two categories of the mind.

The first one is the so-called inferior mind, which we call the thinking machine.

This mind is overthinking everything, making us hesitate and delay.

Is like a constant radio, ON all the time, making us be agitated and confused. Making us to be blind, not letting us see.

Because of the lack of control of the inferior mind, we feel many times that “we actually are not in charged”, that the mind is controlling us.

This is how our inferior mind looks when not in control

This kind of mind is what the majority of people call “the mind”.

But in reality, this is just a tiny little part of it. This part, the inferior mind is just the superficial surface of our intellect.

As we have an INFERIOR MIND we also have a SUPERIOR MIND, our INTELLECT.

Through the superior mind, we find all our intuitions, a genius like ideas and also we find a portal to access the endless source of inspirations.

But how to access it if we are blocked?

We need to learn to “clean the clouds” so, no interference will block us from enjoying the most amazing inspirations.

This is happening by sacrificing the agitation of the mind, humbling ourselves and opening up to search, somehow outside of us into the amazing, mysterious endless and vast source of inspiration.

By calming down the chattering of the mind, we are able to use correctly the inferior mind, making that mind to reflect the most amazing inspirations and genius like ideas.

Some people are born gifted, meaning with almost no clouds around them. They intuitively know how to escape from the tyranny of the inferior mind. These are all genius artists, philosophers, writers, musicians, teachers, etc, who were born with the gift to be able to almost automatically connect, even from a very early age.

Like Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Michael Angelo, Shakespeare, Rumi, Da Vinci etc…all of them were somehow very well connected to the supramental level.

How to access the supramental level?

All of us had moments of being connected to the supramental.

The easiest to understand is when we are in love.

When being in love we are capable of extraordinary things, suddenly we can sing and dance, and write poems. This is because the inferior mind, in those moments is canceled, or better said is not interfering in the transmission. The mind in these moments is becoming reflective, showing all the wonders from “above”.

This explains the muse role in the life of the artist. A muse is inspiring us, is transporting us to open to the supramental level…

Love and the deep state of being in love are direct connectors to the supramental level.

Bethoveen, for example, used long walks in nature to get inspired, where he could “hear”.

The contemplation of beauty can also be used to open a portal towards inspiration.

In conclusion

By working with the inferior mind, making it crystal clear as a surface of a lake, to be like a mirror, we will be able to see and connect with the source of inspiration.

The key here is to make certain exercises to clear the mind, like meditation, yoga, praying, devotional singing, contemplation exercises, tantric lovemaking with sexual continence, etc.

All these practices cancel the endless chattering of the mind allowing us for a certain period to open the “clouds” and “unveil” our eyes to be able to perceive

Our mind will transform then, into an empty canvas where it will be reflected the most amazing inspirations. Basically, the mind will become clear and serene as the surface of a mountain lake, which is reflecting all the beautiful landscape around. If the surface of the lake is disturbed, the reflection will also be distorted. We could say that the waves on the water are the thoughts, the agitation of the mind.

So if the artist has an agitated mind full of thoughts, strange ideas, uncontrolled emotions, the artwork will also be agitated, strange and confusing.

But if the artist is having a crystal clear mind, he or she will be able to reflect the most amazing images, melodies, words, and movements.

Leonardo Da Vinci said:

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no Art”

By opening up and allowing ourselves to be just like a channel, letting our spirit to shine we will be able to experience a “shower “ of genius inspirations, and through the chosen form of art, express it freely without interferences.

It is, as well, not enough to be inspired but also we need to act upon those inspirations and materialize them through our artistic skills, maintaining our openness meanwhile performing the creative act paying attention to stay tuned in.

As a conclusion, we should not generate the ideas, but our task lays more in the process of opening up and maintain a certain purity at the level of the mind.

If we wish to be inspired, the artist or creative person should learn to contemplate without involving the inferior mind in the process: “to see with the eyes of the artist.”

This is actually the fundamental key to unlock creativity and inspiration.

The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection. – Michelangelo

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