Christmas Bazaar at Eden Art Gallery

Christmas Bazaar at Eden Art Gallery
Lavendelstræde 10, 1462 København K

Arts & Crafts, Unique hand made presents for all ages! 
Cozy artistic ambiance full of colors, delights, and creativity.
I warmly invite you together with your family and friends to come and visit Eden Art’s Christmas Bazar on these distinct dates

Friday 10th Dec 18-21

Saturday 11th Dec 10.30-16

I have invited some very talented friends to exhibit their products at Eden Art Gallery together with all my paintings, prints, and cards!
All displayed products are hand made carrying the craft and dedication of the artist.

We have put together a wonderful collection of presents suitable for all ages!
Come and enjoy the collection of unique products which you can not be found in any other shop
Hand made jewelry by Katharina Duarte
Amazing cakes, raw ceremonial cacao bites by by Aida Curak
Cutest Knitted toys, sweet puppets all with natural materials by Irene Meleg (my mom)
Paintings, greeting cards, prints on canvas, framed prints on paper, Love Cards, notebooks, and more by Ines Honfi

Christmas Hygge time, tea corner, friendship, and togetherness
Prices range from just a few kroner till very exclusive unique original paintings

Meet Irene Meleg, My amazing mom!

Irene is a granny of 8 grandchildren.
She dedicates her free time to the craft of knitting and creating full of joy and love, unique hand made toys and puppets. She uses natural materials, bringing a soft and cozy feeling to children. Her beautiful color combinations delight the eyes and motivate kids to play.
She has created a series of interactive knitted toys helping children to awaken their creativity and inventiveness.

Meet Katharina Duarte

She is creating beautiful refine hand made jewelry
She carefully selects noble materials such as gemstones, gold plated Sterling silver, glass, and brass.
Special wishes for jewelry may come true…
Katharina has worked passionately on creating jewelry for over 25 years.
She deeply feels colors and works in an intuitive way to find the perfect combination and vibration for each piece.

Meet by Aida Curak

Her products are all artisan gluten-free, organic, vegan, sugar-free sweets. Predominantly raw.
For the bazaar, she is displaying Christmas gifts to give away such as:
Saffran & cashew raw bites, Pumpkin spice raw balls, Raw chocolate gold-dusted dream squares, Hazelnut cookies, a Gift package of ceremonial cacao chunks incl dosage of cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and agave syrup. All packed in glass jars portion made, Raw Nutella with ceremonial cacao and much more.
Aida will as well delight us while the bazaar with
Hot ceremonial cacao drink
Chocolate fudge cake
Choco peanut bites and more delights

And let, as well, introduce myself, Ines Honfi

Ines Honfi
I recently opened my Art Gallery, Eden Art, an artistic oasis, a spot of color, and positiveness in the heart of Copenhagen.
I display my visionary artworks there, as well as, dedicate several hours per week in the art of teaching drawing and painting to adults who wish to learn meditative painting, a way of embracing Art as a tool for awakening their Soul.
Read more about the concept of my artworks at
Hope to see you at our Bazaar and have a
wonderful cozy Christmas time together!
The entrance is free and everybody is welcome!
With joy, love, and creativity
We take care of you!
We follow all Covid-19 regulations
Eden Art Gallery & Atelier
Lavendelstræde 10, 1462 København K
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