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Prints for sale

Order prints of your favorite paintings

Choose from 3 different sizes and 2 paper qualities as well as to have your print on canvas.

“In love” Ines Honfi

How to proceed?

-select your favorite paintings.
-select a size.
-select paper or canvas
-send these info to ineshonfi7@gmail.com
-pay via bank transfer
-shipping time is between 7-10 days

The prints has a margin of a few centimeters which is making them able to be framed much easyer.
You are welcome to ask for a personalized inscription or special dedication from the artist.


A2 (42x59 cm)
A1 (59x84 cm)
A0 (84x118 cm)

Paper quality:

Matt paper 180g
Satin photo paper 100% washable 195g

Canvas quality:”Angels in Love” Ines Honfi

Canvas suitable for framing 350g


A2 (42x59 cm) measure:

Matt 180g: 580 DKK/78Eu/100USD
Satin photo 100% washable 195g 610DKK/82Eu/109USD
Canvas suitable for framing 350g 770DKK/104Eu/133USD

A1 (59x84 cm) measure:

Matt 180g: 720 DKK/97Eu/124USD
Satin photo 100% washable 195g 760DKK/102Eu/130USD
Canvas suitable for framing 350g 1010DKK/135Eu/172USD

A0 (84x118 cm) measure:

Matt 180g: 900 DKK/122Eu/155USD
Satin photo 100% washable 195g 975DKK/132Eu/168USD
Canvas suitable for framing 350g 1500DKK/200Eu/255USD


About the gold-silver quality in the prints: Ines Honfi is personally retouching them by adding golden-silvery leafs on top of the needed areas, getting the same effect of shiny gold-silver like in the originals, as well as adding a personal touch to your prints.

Order NOW 3 prints or more (in all sizes) and get free shipping to all Europe and USA.