The workshop is kept on 4 Wednesdays

25th April, 2-9-16 May from 17-21

 Come and create your unique mandala.

Get basic knowledge on how to draw and paint a mandala, and how to mix colors and color combinations.

Paint in a meditative way, let go of stress and agitation of the mind.

Learn to focus in one single direction.

Design and paint a mandala on a canvas of 50x50 cm in 4 lessons

Practice together of Hatha yoga and meditation exercises

 This workshop is an invitation for introspection, inner exploration, meditative painting, creation, Art and esoteric teachings.

The workshop is a harmonious combination of practical and theoretic teachings

 I will provide you with both esoteric specific notions-methods and painting-drawing techniques for being able to design and paint a mandala.

We will approach Art as a method to access higher levels of consciousness, engaging as much as possible our true self in the process of creation

 To create Art is a form of meditation where we are able to withdraw our attention from the exterior and focus in one single direction. This is calming down the mind, is making us to relax and to be aware at the same time.

 We will explore esoteric subjects as:

What is a mandala and for what we can use it?

What is art and its meaning. What is happening in the creative process? Why we feel so uplifted when doing Art?

 The importance of Yoga and meditation in the artistic creation.

Mechanisms of the mind.

The workshop includes:

– design and painting techniques.

– Systems of composition How to compose a mandala and its elements.

– Introduction into color theory

– Highly specialized esoteric notions, carefully selected to support the process of creation.

– Simple meditation and concentration exercises to be able to control the mind and reduce stress.

– Hatha yoga

– personalized experienced guidance.

– ideal serene atmosphere of creativity and inspiration

 The teachings are addressed for both beginners and participants who acquired already practice in the domain of Visual Arts.

(No previous knowledge in Art or yoga-meditation is needed in order to participate)

 The teachings that will be given at this workshop are the unique result of 20 years of experience and my perseverance practice in both painting and yoga-tantra-meditation.

I will aim to share with you, as much as our time together allows it, all my personal discoveries in the world of Objective Initiate Art.

 Hope to see you at the workshop

Love and infinite creativity

 Ines Honfi




17.00-17.30 welcoming

17.30-19.00 lecture What is Art? Objective-Subjective Art. What is a mandala? Esoteric methods to control the mind and let go of stress. Meditation and concentration exercises.

19.00-19.20  break

19.20-21.00 Design and draw your mandala.


2nd .Lesson

17.00-18.00 Hatha Yoga and meditation practice

 18.00-18.40 Lecture: Introduction into color theory

18.40-19.00 break

19.00-21.00 Workshop. Learn to mix colors, select a pallete of color. Painting


3rd-4th Lessons

17.00-18.00 Hatha Yoga and meditation practice

18.00-18.20 break

18.20-21.00 painting




The workshop is kept on 4 Wednesdays.

25th April, 2-9-16 May from 17-21

Teacher: the workshop will be entirely kept by visual Artist-Art teacher and Yoga–meditation teacher Ines Honfi

Limited places. max 10 participants.

Language: English 

Location: Natha Yogacenter, Nordre Fasanvej 230A, Copenhagen N. Denmark

Workshop fee (4 meetings): 1450kr including all painting materials. ( 50x50 canvas, paper and acrylic paints) 

Early bird reduction: book your place and pay by 10th April and get the price of:1250kr including all painting materials

Come with a friend and pay together 2000kr


Sign up by sending an email to

Payment is done via bank transfer to: Danske bank 1551 4646184266, Mobile pay to 42229074, Paypal to

For more information you are welcome to call Ines directly to 

+ 45 42229074