This is the first module of a series of workshops starting from basics going to advanced stages of drawing and painting.

 The workshop is kept on 4 consecutive Saturdays

28 April, 5-12-19 of May from 10.00-14.45

Drawing is the base of all Visual Arts

A design, sculpture or painting which lacks structure and drawing is weak and powerless, is like a body without skeleton.

 Would you like to learn how to draw and perform Art?

Do you want to be able to draw all the amazing images that you envision in your mind?

Did you ever found yourself having an amazing inspiration and not knowing how to translate it on a paper?

 In this workshop you will get basic drawing and concentration

techniques which will give you the freedom to draw anything you wish!

 These techniques will support all your future Art works!

 Be able to draw exactly what you see

  • Learn to focus and concentrate
  • Academic drawing
  • Lines and forms
  • Structure and proportions
  • Values and shading
  • Hatha yoga and exercises to control the mind
  • Personalized experienced guidance
  • Ideal serene atmosphere of creativity and inspiration

 These workshops combine esoteric teachings of yoga and meditation to help the mind to be calm and to access infinite inspiration and creativity

 I will teach you how to draw still life, which are crucial in the process of learn to draw.

Great masters used this technique to train, to exercise and to transmit beauty through it.

”Still life is the touchstone of painting.” said Édouard Manet


  • drawing
  • shading with pencil
  • values high-middle-law
  • different lines
  • collage
  • hatha yoga
  • meditation exercises

 The teachings are addressed for both beginners and participants who acquired already some practice in the domain of drawing.

(No previous knowledge in Art or yoga-meditation is needed in order to participate)

 Teacher: Ines Honfi Visual Artist-Yoga teacher

Language: English

Location: Natha Yogacenter Nordre Fasenvej 230 København N






  1. MODULE: Draw basics on drawing. Stile life. Control the mind, the path of the artist, objective art
  2. MODULE: Portrait, values.  Control mind, superposition of the mind. Drawing proportions, croqui,



  1. MODULE: Stile life painting, learn to mix the color that you see, mix colors, modulated and moderated colors, white color on top of colors, impressionism technique,
  2. MODULE: Portrait painting, color theory, color on color, complementary colors.
  3. MODULE: Landscape painting. Lecture about God the supreme creator, textures, brushstrokes, palette knife.



10.00-11.15 lecture What is Art? Objective-Subjective Art. Why beauty matters?

11.15-¨11.45 brunch break

11.45-12.15 Lecture: Art as a tool to awaken our soul- The path of the artist

12.15-14.45 WORKSHOP  Systems of composition. Basic drawing, values, Croqui on Still life


2nd .Lesson

10.00-11.30 Hatha Yoga and concentration exercises

11.30-12.00 Systems of Composition

12.00-12.30 brunch break

12.30-14.45 Workshop. Drawing


3rd-4th Lessons

17.00-18.00 Hatha Yoga and meditation practice

18.00-18.20 break

18.20-21.00 painting




The workshop is kept on 4 Wednesdays.

25th April, 2-9-16 May from 17-21

Teacher: the workshop will be entirely kept by visual Artist-Art teacher and Yoga–meditation teacher Ines Honfi

Limited places. max 10 participants.

Language: English 

Location: Natha Yogacenter, Nordre Fasanvej 230A, Copenhagen N. Denmark


Workshop fee (4 meetings): 1450kr including all drawing materials. 
Early bird reduction: book your place and pay by 10 April get the price of:1250kr including all painting materials
Come together with a friend and pay 2000kr

Sign up by sending an email to 

Payment is done via bank transfer to: Danske bank 1551 4646184266, Mobile pay to 42229074, Paypal to

For more information you are welcome to call Ines directly to 

+ 45 42229074