"Devotion" oil on canvas 80x80 cm.

Devotion means love, worship, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity or Deity.

I painted this painting feeling devotion and big gratefulness for being alive, for all the gifts I have received, for all the difficult moment which made me grow, for all the love I gave and for all the love I have received, for all the happiness and joy that the Universe bestowed upon me.

“Loyalty and devotion lead to bravery. Bravery leads to the spirit of self-sacrifice. The spirit of self-sacrifice creates trust in the power of love.” Morihei Ueshiba

“I never force myself to be devout except when I feel so inspired, and never compose hymns of prayers unless I feel within me real and true devotion.” Franz Schubert

Painting available to purchase:
"Devotion" 80x80 cm oil on canvas 4500DKK/ 610 Euros/690 USD

Available as well in print format. 
Contact and more info at ineshonfi7@gmail.com

"Devotion" oil on canvas 80x80 cm Eden art by Ines Honfi

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