Drawing is the base of all Visual Arts

A design, sculpture or painting which lacks structure and drawing is weak and powerless, is like a body without skeleton.

 Would you like to learn how to draw and perform Art?

Do you want to be able to draw all the amazing images that you envision in your mind?

Did you ever found yourself having an amazing inspiration and not knowing how to translate it on a paper?

 In this workshop you will get basic drawing and concentration

techniques which will give you the freedom to draw anything you wish!

 These techniques will support all your future Art works! 



Come and create your unique mandala.

  • Get basic knowledge on how to draw and paint a mandala, and how to mix colors and color combinations
  • Paint in a meditative way, let go of stress
  • Learn to focus in one single direction
  • Design and paint a mandala on a canvas of 60x60 cm in 4 lessons
  • Practice together hatha yoga and meditation exercises
  •  This workshop is an invitation for introspection, inner exploration, meditative painting, creation, Art and esoteric teachings.

Warm greetings!


Welcome to Eden Art by Ines Honfi

It is my deepest wish to create beauty in art, and to spread happiness and uplifting energies to all the ones who feel attracted to these.

My paintings are inspired in the beauty of nature, the beauty of being alive and the beauty of love and being in love.

I invite you to explore my website and to find yourself in it.

With endless love and gratitude.


“The great secret of love is that to be loved, intensely and profoundly, we first have to love intensely and profoundly.”


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